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PrintSpace is dedicated to the exploration and experimentation of printmaking techniques, rooted in the desire to build community around a press. it is a truly wonderful space to share ideas, purpose and process. For novice and experienced alike, PrintSpace is designed for small group workshops as well as private rental for press or studio time.  

Each 5 week cycle of workshops follows the same pattern consisting of: Free demo night showcasing the technique; 3 workshop sessions; an Opening Reception celebrating the work done during the workshops.

If you cannot make a scheduled cycle, please contact me and we can work out sessions. 

Press rental for experienced printmakers is available. Schedule through email at:


Workshops and Schedule

Workshops include all materials, but you are encouraged to bring drawings, ideas, and any special material you would like to use. 

Space is generally limited to 4-6 people.

Bright Spot

Second Sundays


Anytime between 12-3pm


Bright Spot was designed to allow participants a relaxed environment to learn about the beauty of monoprint/monotype while brightening up the day for others.

Drop in the second Sunday of each month between the hours of 12-3. For $30, you will receive papers to print on, a 5” x 7” plate, ink and press assistance. Imagery will be developed by painting or rolling ink onto a plexiglass plate. Choose to use simple stencils or textures, layering colors to enhance images. Each participant will choose one print to leave behind. It will be adhered to a card and delivered to a local senior/community center.


Workshop Schedule TBD

$270 3-3 Hour Sessions plus Opening Reception

Collagraph is a versatile medium and a great introduction to printmaking. Creating plates out of low relief objects, heavy cardstock or file folders, masking tape layers, basically anything that changes the planar surface of a plate can be adhered and printed either by hand or with the press. Think of it as making a crayon rubbing of a penny, and you will begin to understand how it works.

All supplies are included, but if you have a special, low relief object you would like to print, bring it along!

This workshop can also be scheduled as an introductory "One Off" 3 hour session for $90 all inclusive.



Workshop schedule TBD

$270 3-3 Hour Sessions plus Opening Reception

Bring an idea for an image and be ready to transfer it to a linoleum block. We will look at different linocuts and talk about the positive and negative spaces involved in the carving process.

Linocut is a form of relief printing. The surface of the linoleum is altered using tools to cut away line or shape. This leaves a raised area that receives the ink applied with a brayer. Linocuts can be printed on paper by hand or with a press. If the press is used, there is an added impression or embossing where the pressure of the press has pushed the paper into the recesses of the linoleum. 

Generally speaking, relief prints have a bold, graphic look.



The Home Project: A Collagraph Workshop

3 Hour workshop with a minimum of 4 people.

Great for a Group/ Team Building Activity

$60 per participant

3 hour workshop to schedule at PrintSpace or your own location. Great ice-breaker or bonding activity project.

Add your idea of Home to the Home Project! Construct your own collagraph plate based on the theme of "Home" and experiment with printing using various techniques and colors. 

The Home Project is a massive printing project. The workshop can be brought to schools, shelters, community centers, soup kitchens, assisted living spaces, or hospitals. Participants will brainstorm and visualize what Home means to them. Collagraph plates will be explained, built, and printed using simple materials. We then print the collagraph plates in a variety of ways, allowing the group to understand the beauty and versatility of the process. This can also include printing collaboratively on larger papers, several homes together constituting a neighborhood.  

Participants keep all of the prints produced during the workshop, but I will keep the plates for further printing. I want to take and mesh all these ideas of home into larger prints containing many plates, creating new communities and overlapping social strata. These prints typically take on housing issues such as redesigning, rezoning, and gentrification, yet they can also speak to memory and nostalgia. 



Workshop Schedule TBD

$270 3-3 Hour Sessions plus Opening Reception

Bring a drawing to place under the clear plate to begin the drypoint process. Drypoint is an intaglio printing technique. At PrintSpace, we use tools to incise a line into a plexiglass plate. A variety of lines can be made with different sizes of needles. Tone can also be achieved using a roulette to abrade the surface.

Ink is pushed into the recesses of the plate. Extra ink is wiped away leaving the ink only in the incised lines. Dampened paper and a run through the press produces a more delicate print.

 A second plate may be used for adding color through the monoprint process. Image size is 5" x 7".


Monotype and Chine Colle

Workshop Schedule TBD

$270 3-3 Hour Sessions plus Opening Reception

Using plexiglass as a matrix, experiment with imagery using subtractive and direct painting techniques. 

Bring drawings along if you would like to reference them underneath the plexiglass while painting the plate imagery.

Chine collie will allow you to adhere separate papers to your printing paper during the printing process. The papers can add texture, color, or pattern to your image.


Art Teacher Day Spa

TBD. Email to schedule 

3 hour session


For art teachers or those who want to connect with the artistic process…thinking with their hands and materials. This is a very open ended workshop where participants will be using the same materials their students are using in the classroom. While working with the materials, we can share ideas around the properties of the materials, artistic process, methodology and sequencing, materials management, and curricular links. Return to your classroom rejuvenated!



Workshop Schedule TBD

$270 3-3 Hour Sessions plus Opening Reception

Monoprints and monotypes are a type of planographic printing technique and can be created in a variety of ways. Planographic simply means the ink sits on the surface of the smooth plate. There is always an edition of one, although ghost images can also be produced. At PrintSpace, we use a plexiglass plate as the matrix.

A Monotype is created by adding water or oil based ink to the plate with a brayer or paintbrush. Imagery can be produced in one run through the press or several, building up layers of tone or color.

A Monoprint differs in that the plexiglass plate is often etched and inked and color is added with paintbrush or brayers. It is an edition of one since it is virtually impossible to duplicate the additional coloring.



Gelli Printing

TBD. Email to schedule 

3 hour session


Gelli printing is monotype inked on a gelatin like plate. Although gelatin can be mixed and poured into a cookie sheet and refrigerated until it is firm, PrintSpace uses gelli plates manufactured by Speedball since they do not have to stay refrigerated between printing sessions.

The difference between these prints on the gelli surface and those on plexiglass is that there is more of a sheen to the inks. They are also very delicate and receptive to stamping objects on top of them.

Gelli printing lends itself well to stamping and stenciling, and is easy to register, allowing for a build-up of ink to produce an image.


 Equipment and supplies include:

26" x 48" Charles Brand Etching Press


Paper trays

Assorted brayers

Limited engraving and etching tools, roulettes



Limited inks: oil and water based 


Clean up materials (mineral oil degreaser)

Rags, paper towel


Additional Press or Studio time can be arranged through : 



Open Press or Studio time ( 2-4 people): $20/hour per person, with 2 hour minimum

Private Press or Studio time: $25/hour with 2 hour minimum.


These sessions are for artists working independently, needing little support with press or studio operations. Responsible for own cleanup.


Artists requiring technical support: $30/hr.


Bring your own plates, printing papers, and special inks.


Want to conduct a workshop? Email your proposal!



Studio Location:

509 Senator Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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