The Quilt Statement

The quilting process takes an ironic twist in this series of mixed media monoprints. A quilt is a tactile approach to telling a story through colors and materials often assembled in a pattern. Quilts become family heirlooms. The twelve monoprints used to construct this quilt are bound by the theme of child abuse. At its heart are patterns: Patterns of violence passed on through generations.

Fostering awareness of the debilitating effects of child abuse was the primary purpose for constructing The Quilt. (Questioning what constitutes child abuse was also a hot topic.) Traditionally intended to comfort, this quilt makes us uneasy in suggesting violence through the tilted, queasy perspective of the drawings, the heightened colors and the tense expressions. Each portrait is lovingly hand sewn onto a rectangle of velour paper with a soothing, calming, mending, repetitive manner which, upon closer consideration, transforms into a piercing, poking, manipulative force. The sewing repetitions begin to echo the repetitions of abusive behaviors.